About me

Hailey Grotluschen

Welcome to my website! Here’s a little bit about me.

Photo of the Arnolds Park promenade in Arnolds Park, Iowa.

A little about me

I’m not just a college student!

Who is Hailey Grotluschen?

  • Hello there! I’m Hailey Grotluschen, currently a junior at Drake University, majoring in Information Systems with a minor in Cyber Security. Originally hailing from Hartley, Iowa, just a short drive away from Okoboji, I’m proud to call it home. Recently, I welcomed a furry addition to my life—a delightful cat named Effie, a charming blend of Ragdoll and Siamese breeds. She’s not just adorable; she’s garnered compliments from everyone who meets her. Named after Effie Trinket from the Hunger Games series, she’s quite the talker, especially when she’s eager for treats!

  • I’m passionate about exploring new destinations and attending live music events. Over the past year, I’ve indulged my wanderlust with two trips to Europe and enjoyed the energy of about eight concerts. Interestingly, I’ve stumbled upon a peculiar knack for inadvertently revisiting places and events. While my initial European adventure was meticulously planned, the second was a spontaneous decision driven by irresistibly low airfare. Similarly, within a month, I found myself in Colorado twice—once for a vibrant music festival and again for a serene camping escapade. Surprisingly, I’ve unintentionally experienced four concerts more than once, with three more repeats on the horizon for this summer!
A girl is looking back at the camera in front of a river with trees backing the landscape

My Goals for this year

  • Practice mindful eating (aiming for a colorful plate!)
  • Spend more time with the people I love (you’re only in college once)
  • Keep my car tidy (while i keep my room super clean my car not so much……)
  • Less screen time! (looking at you tik tok)
  • More walks with friends (i love taking walks to get coffee/ice cream/anything! i walks even more with my friends)
  • Travel, travel, travel! (can you tell i love traveling?!)
Photo taken in Reykjavik, Iceland with string lights strung from the top of roofs, with a harbor in the background.

What I’m Listening To:

This playlist draws inspiration from various sources, including song recommendations and nostalgic tracks from my youth. My favorite song on this playlist is “La nuit n’en finit plus” by Petula Clark, which translates to “The Night Won’t Seem to End.” Despite my basic French skills, I’m drawn to the passion in this song. It conveys a sense of loneliness in the night, longing for company. It’s an excellent song and Petula Clark delivers its message effectively. Even without understanding French, anyone can sense the singer’s pain.