A little about this resume

In the forthcoming passages of my resume, I intend to bring to the fore the collection of skills and abilities that I have gained over the course of the current semester. My focus has been particularly on the wide and dynamic field of web design, an area I’ve grown to be quite passionate about. I enrolled myself in two courses that honed my ability in this field: Web Content and Design (JMC 105) and Website Technology (IS 145).

These two classes, while they started on a similar foundational level, eventually branched out and provided me with a broader and more in-depth understanding of web design. They were both fascinating in their unique ways, offering different perspectives on the same subject matter.

The first course, Web Content and Design (JMC 105), was where I picked up the basics of website design and search engine optimization (SEO). The course provided a comprehensive overview of the principles of effective website design, and how SEO plays a crucial role in enhancing a site’s visibility and traffic.

On the other hand, Website Technology (IS 145), provided me with the opportunity to dive deeper into the technical side of website construction. I was able to explore advanced elements of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which are the building blocks of any website. This exposure to the technicalities of website development allowed me to appreciate the intricacies involved in creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing web page.

Upon completing these courses, I have not just gained a set of new skills, but also developed a profound appreciation for web design and technology. I have come to realize the importance of these skills in the current digital age and am inspired to build a career centered around them.